Want to go the extra mile when it comes to your adult toy cleaning routine? SterileLight’s ILLUMICIDE X discreetly sanitizes your adult toys using UVC light to kill bacteria and potential viruses lurking on surfaces. “If you’re a hygienic person, and if cleanliness and storage is a high priority, then it’s worth the investment for you,” says Jenelle Marie Pierce, CSE, Executive Director of

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SterileLight’s ILLUMICIDE X is the perfect surface disinfection companion for hard-surface adult toys.

Provides effective surface disinfection in just three minutes with ultra-violet germicidal (UV-C) light. Reduce surface pathogens on infection-prone adult items (and more) within this portable case that doubles as storage. The 40 light, instant-on array is mercury-free, unlike competitor’s outdated technology that unnecessarily harms the planet.

Discreet button labels and packaging won’t divulge it’s adult-oriented use.

A jarring study found that HPV was still detectable on some sex toys even after cleaning. Dr. Deborah Wilson, an OB-GYN in Arizona with over 30 years of experience, notes that she often sees patients in her practice with vaginal infections from “less-than-adequately-sterilized adult toys.” In particular, she says, UV-C light can be an important tool for getting rid of bacteria like E. Coli that are normally harder to get rid of.