Eco-Green Disposable Towel – 200 pack Medium for Hairdressing

  • Medium Towel – Hairdressing
  • 32 x 17 inches disposable towel
  • Our most popular towel – an all-around hairdressing disposable towel
  • Designed to dry any length of hair
  • Suitable for color technical services
  • Single-use towel, completely eliminating any cotton towel laundry
  • One towel system – Only one towel is needed per client to dry, wrap or turban hair
  • 25% cheaper than traditional cotton towel systems
  • 100% biodegradable – the eco-friendly alternative
  • Compostable and recyclable
  • 3 times more absorbent than a cotton towel
  • Ultra-Anti-Tear Technology ensures strength even when wet



When you switch to Eco-Green single-use towels you can completely eliminate cotton towel laundry which reduces your electricity usage and carbon footprint.

Save 22 cents every time you use an Eco-Green disposable towel. When you switch from cotton to Eco-Green disposable towels you eliminate all laundry costs.

You can relax knowing you have a fresh supply of Eco-Green towels ready to go for your clients and forget about all the time wasted with laundry.

When you make the switch to Eco-Green disposables, there is no need to store bulky cotton towels anymore. Furthermore, you can now get rid of your washing machine and dryer.