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SterileLight CountDown Plus Antimicrobial Film for Touchscreens

Antimicrobial Efficacy
Harsh cleaning chemicals can break down the surface of the screen, which creates new microscopic crevices for bacteria to reside in and reproduce.
Our inorganic antimicrobial coating protects against this and has an excellent antibacterial spectrum as well as heat and solvent resistance. The film’s antimicrobial properties have been specifically formulated to eliminate harmful pathogen growth since a display surface provides an ideal breeding ground for germs. In fact, SterileLight’s CountDownTM Plus incorporates an antimicrobial agent that is shown to be 100 times more effective than conventional agents and 10,000 more effective than taking no action at all. Effective lifetime is significantly increased based on the properties of the agent. In a conventional Ag+ (silver ion) antibacterial coating, silver ions binding to bacteria are concentrated at the layer surface only. To release additional silver ions from the binder material, moisture is required.

A conventional polymer base does not release additional Ag+ antibacterial agents inside the layer due to its poor hydrophilic (water-absorbing) properties required to free more silver ions. The release of additional silver ions to continuously suppress bacteria growth only occurs when sufficient moisture is present to release stored ions from the binder material. The antimicrobial agent in SterileLight’s CountDownTM Plus employs a hyper-hydrophilic binder, which not only enables moisture applied to the surface of the coated layer to affect the release of Ag+, but also release the Ag+ antibacterial solution from within the coated layer. The unique hyper-hydrophilic properties of the binder material therefore enable active replenishment of the antibacterial layer. In laboratory tests using Colon Bacillus and Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria, SterileLight’s CountDownTM PLUS Antimicrobial film’s coating showed a substantial reduction of these harmful bacteria over a 24-hour period.

Antimicrobial Mobile Device Protection

• Long life hospital strength antimicrobial agent
• Already in use in hospital settings across the country
• Protects the screen against cleaning chemicals
• Prevents harmful bacteria from reproducing

HEV Light Blocking
• Prevents harmful light from reaching the macula of the eye
• Always active unlike an app with no reduction of screen brightness

Glare & Fingerprint Reduction
As more mobile devices with glossy displays are introduced, it is getting harder to see the screen because of glare coming through the window or from overhead lights.

SterileLight’s CountDown PLUS antimicrobial film has been created with a matte finish to reduce glare, provide excellent scratch resistance and reduce fingerprints. The film also filters out 99% of UVB light from reaching the screen or reflecting back to your eyes. SterileLight’s CountDown PLUS antimicrobial film has excellent light transmission and low haze.

Additional Advantages
SterileLight’s CountDown PLUS antimicrobial film can be cleaned with solvent, bleach, rubbing alcohol and other disinfectants to eliminate germs without diminishing the film’s antimicrobial properties. The back surface incorporates a slightly tacky silicone rubber instead of a traditional pressure sensitive adhesive. This means that the film is easily applied and removed and will not trap air. Bubbles can be easily pushed out.

SterileLight’s CountDown PLUS antimicrobial screen protectors are available for smartphones and tablets, appliances, and many more consumer and commercial touchscreen applications.

• Stops harmful pathogen growth and disease transmission
• Protects the device screen from impact and cleaning chemicals
• Retains screen clarity and brightness
• Protects Skin against Hyper-Pigmentation
• Protects Eyes from retina damage
• Reduces headaches and improves visual comfort
• Reduces sleep disorders
• Deployed in hospital settings across the country

Antimicrobial Touchscreen Protection for a Variety of Applications