SterileLight Sanitizing Spray

Hand sanitizer and multi-purpose sanitizing spray!


This unique formula combines ethanol, isopropanol, and water in a special ratio for a 70% alcohol formula to provide a more effective, synergistic disinfection. It kills all viruses and bacteria within seconds of applying it. It's fine-mist spray applicator can cover the targeted area with significantly less product. For hand sanitization, just 4 sprays are needed (0.5 ml), compared with about 2ml needed with traditional hand sanitizer. A single 4 oz. (120ml) bottle provides 850 sprays making it very cost-effective. In addition, it seals and protects skin with a natural barrier.

SterileLight sanitizing spray has applications beyond conventional hand sanitizers. Disinfect gasoline pump handles, door knobs, keyboards, packages, mail, shopping cart handles, and more.

Most sanitizers and disinfectants use isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. For example, ethanol is an effective virus killer against infections like herpes and the flu and isopropyl is even more effective against bacteria. "Ethyl alcohols will kill viruses, funguses, and bacteria, but do not kill bacterial spores," says Johannes Wessolly, Medical Director of Miskawash Health Group.