Hygiena SystemSure PLUS

Accurate Baseline Bacteria Measurement


Hygiena SystemSure PLUS ATP Measurement System

The Hygiena SystemSURE PLUS is a palm-sized ATP meter that measures the microbial contamination on a surface in mere seconds!

The Hygiena SystemSURE Plus ATP luminometer hygiene monitoring system is the ATP testing equipment you need to quickly determine the cleaning efficiency and hygienic status of surfaces, while ensuring product quality and reducing costs.

This ATP luminometer is designed with state-of-the art electronics, upgraded software program and improved functionality. The palm-sized ATP luminometer is easy to use, extremely sensitive and affordable.

Used with the Ultrasnap (surface) testing devices, the Hygiena SystemSURE Plus ATP luminometer measures adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the universal energy molecule found in all animal, plant, bacterial, yeast and mold cells.


SystemSure Plus Luminometer
2 AA Batteries
Carrying Case
Carrying Case Tallace
Testing Procedure Guide
Helpful Tips Guide
Device Operating Manual
SystemSure Plus Software
RS-232 Cable
Data Software Manual


Alphanumeric sample location programming
SureTrend data analysis software included
Detects down to 1 Femtomole of ATP
Self-contained and aseptic
Programmable pass/fail levels
Stores up to 1,000 individual test results
250 programmable test locations
Battery powered (standard AA)
1,000-2,000 tests per battery/charge
Most cost-effective ATP hygiene monitoring system available
Provides real-time feedback and facilitates long-term data analysis
Optimizes and verifies that cleaning procedures are working
Assists in developing and improving process and risk assessment programs
No data loss if battery or power failure
Range of instrument reading: 0-9,999 RLUs (Relative Light Units)
Produces test results in 15 seconds
Durable (withstand 1-meter drop test)
Results displayed in RLUs or icons (pass/fail/caution)
Dimensions (approx.): 7 x 3 x 1 inches

Hygiena SystemSure Plus ATP Luminometer

Hygiena ULTRASnap Surface Test Swab
UltraSnap ATP Surface Test Swabs are designed for use with the SystemSURE PLUS ATP Measurement System (ATP Meter). Compared to other ATP swabs, this pen-sized sample collection device is smaller, easier to use, and more environmentally friendly.

UltraSnap uses the world's first liquid-stable reagent in place of the freeze-dried enzymes used in other ATP sampling devices. This provides better accuracy, longer-lasting signal strength, and more reproducible results.

Swab, snap, squeeze. It's that easy.

Using UltraSnap couldn't be easier. The three step process for collecting a sample, activating the device,
and mixing the sample is so easy, anyone can do it.

Hygiena ULTRASnap Surface Test Swab (100 pack)