Solutions for Hospitality

Mitigate the risk of your guests getting sick from the TV Remote with SterileLight’s ILLUMICIDE Disinfection Case.

Take the Lead in Guest Satisfaction

By implementing the ILLUMICIDE Disinfecting Case, you demonstrate your concern for the well being of your guests.

Give Visitors a New Reason to Stay AND Return

With so many choices available for guests these days, an ILLUMICIDE disinfection program provides a unique differentiator to your hotel property by letting them know you’ve addressed one of the dirtiest aspects of the hotel room.

One of the most common is the television remote – which often gets left out in the cleaning process.“Most” hotel staff do not clean the remote. This is because it is considered a less important cleaning task compared to the other demands on housekeeping staff. TV remote controls were found to be among the most contaminated items in a hotel room, according to the research. In fact, the remotes were as badly contaminated as bathroom toilet seat and sinks, the study said. Out of 18 hotel room surfaces tested, the scientists found 81 per cent were contaminated by faecal bacteria.

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