Solutions for Construction

The Powerful Extra Step in your Safety Regimen
Decrease your risk from harmful bacteria and viruses that can multiply rapidly on your handheld tools, protective gear, smartphone, and personal items with SterileLight’s ILLUMICIDE Disinfecting Case.

With 60 quick-disinfect cycles available on a full charge, you can charge it up and take it to work to disinfect construction gloves, protective eyewear, earplugs, tape measures, walkie talkies, calculators, pens and pencils, hand-held meters, stud-finders, smartphone, watches, wallets, keys and more.
In fact, it’s perfect for disinfecting any object likely to carry infection.

Since you've already got your hands full looking out for what you can see, add a layer of protection against what you can't see. SterileLight's ILLUMICIDE Disinfecting Case quickly disables harmful pathogens and prevents them from replicating on surfaces that are known breeding grounds.