Anti-Microbial Medical Grade Accessories

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Anti-Microbial Medical Grade Essential Bag
Further your peace of mind! Our Anti-Microbial Medical Grade Essential Bag provides ongoing protection for its contents and you making it a must-have accessory. No matter where you place your SterileLight Anti-Microbial Medical Grade Essential Bag, rest assured it will remain bacteria and microbe free. It also includes our Instant Surface Shield Mat to create an anti-microbial barrier on any surface!

SO MANY USES: Makeup & Makeup Accessories, Travel Bag, School Supplies, Child Toys, Small Electronics, Baby Bottles and Pacifiers, Tools, and more. Use it for any frequently touched objects you can think of!

SterileLight's Anti-Microbial Medical Grade Essential Bag is durable and water-resistant and can be wiped clean and sanitized without damaging the bag quality or it's anti-microbial medical grade protection.

What's The Ultimate Breeding Ground For Germs? BAGS!

Guess which carries more germs?

A. Your toilet's flush handle
B. A personal handbag or accessory bag

Answer "A" sounds like the obvious answer, but it's wrong according to a recent UK study. According to Dr. Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, one third of handbags contain fecal matter.

It turns out that handbags aren't the only types of bags teeming with dangerous microbes. A recent norovirus outbreak was traced back to reusable grocery bags.

As it turns out, certain characteristics--the ability to trap moisture, keep sunlight out, among other things--make bags the ideal breeding haven for bacteria, viruses, and other microbes.

If you're a busy professional, you run the risk of bringing dangerous microbes home to your family or bringing household microbes to work--where people are already vulnerable to illness.

Antibacterial Bags Can Still Harbor Dangerous Germs

We've seen many brands of bags that tout themselves as "antibacterial" as much as possible. We're keenly aware of one important fact...most people think that "antibacterial" means that it protects against all germs.

But antibacterial bags only protect against bacteria--just one type of microbe. There are many other germs that make people sick, such as mold, fungi, and viruses. In fact, some of the toughest, most dangerous "germs" aren't bacteria at all. Take the "norovirus" that we mentioned above.

According to Dr. William Schaffner:

"Noroviruses -- which cause an estimated 21 million cases of gastroenteritis a year, some 70,000 hospitalizations and 800 deaths -- is that they’re tough bugs that can live for prolonged periods on objects and surfaces [...] they have the capacity to persist in the environment."

We've seen many brands of bags that tout themselves as "antibacterial". Did you know that most people think that "antibacterial" means that it protects against all germs?

This is why SterileLight partnered with NGM, the first company to offer anti-microbial bags to medical professionals in the world. They were designed by medical doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals because they wanted to keep their families and patients germ-free.

Here's what we focused on:

Safety. Anti-microbial (medical grade) material is woven into the bag DURING the manufacturing process. Any microbes--bacteria, viruses, mold, and all others--that come into contact with the bag will be unable to grow and quickly die.

The second is design. The bags needed to look slick and professional.

Don't risk exposing your clients, you, or your loved ones to dangerous germs.

This product has been independently tested and meets international standards AATCC TM30.
Material: Durable 1680D Ballistic Polymer
Dimensions: 10" wide x 6" deep

This product was co-developed with NGM and is licensed exclusively for SterileLight.

Anti-Microbial Medical Grade Essential Bag
with Instant Surface Shield Mat
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